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Nice to meet you. I'm Abraham.

I’m a NY-based UI/UX Designer currently making the world a better place at Almond Health startup. As the sole designer on the team, I consider myself blessed to make such an impact on the next generation of remote patient monitoring software. When relaxing, I can usually be found being a nuisance with my trusty Olympus camera or ingesting a book.

My design philosophy is pretty straightforward. I believe in asking questions when I’m not sure about something. I believe fully understanding a problem is the most important part of crafting a solution. It also makes it easier to simplify complexity by removing everything that doesn’t contribute to the solution. The best photography advice I ever got holds true for design as well: “Everything not contributing to the photo you are envisioning should not be in your frame.”

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"The bar for good design and end-to-end user experience is as high as it's ever been, particularly for mission critical projects like healthcare applications. Abraham has cleared that bar. He cares about design as a craft and focuses on creating a cohesive user experience. Whether crafting single screens or interactions within a prototype, he pays attention to the details.

He isn’t afraid to question our direction when something seems off and more importantly, works well with external stakeholders. He even has a sense of humor! He's been a pleasure to work with and I'm really proud of the options we built together for IoMT clinical operations, ranging from monitoring to history to alerting."

-Scott Germaise, Almond Health VP of Product